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Our Vinyasa classes are non-heated and act as a de-stressor and general mood-enhancer. The class is influenced by ancient yoga traditions, but inspired by contemporary influences. Our classes feature classic sun salutations and creative flow sequences.

Once the body is warm and switched on, we settle into deeper work, focusing on alignment, balance, and precision.


A Vinyasa Flow class in a heated, humid, room of 35° Celcius with 80% humidity. The focus in this class is on flowing from pose to pose and linking your movement with your breath. In our Vinyasa classes you will start with a centering and warm-up and then flow through various sequencing.


Slow, mindful movement with breath in the heat. In this class you’ll hold postures longer than a regular vinyasa class, leading to increased flexibility and opening in the body. Suitable and encouraged for beginner to advanced students.

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