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Maya Pratt is the co-owner of The Yoga Loft.  She has over 10 years of experience teaching yoga, facilitating teacher trainings and operating yoga studios.

Maya loves to teach a fluid style of yoga with emphasis on and inspiration from myths of the asanas, mudras of the hands and creative movement of the body.  Get ready to be challenged, be playful and have fun!



The intention Gemma puts behind her classes is to practice the discipline of focusing the mind through strong postures whilst surrendering to meditation during movement and flow. 

Gemma believes in cultivating a practice to be strong and feel powerful in one's body, which ultimately helps you find freedom.

"Expect to work hard, but also to flow and get expressive and playful.

Style craves line. So let's explore both!"



Beyond the grace of flow, the depth of breath and the joy of practice, it is the soul connection we experience on our mat that is the essence of yoga.
It is from this connection that Lara teaches.
In every practice, Lara is humbled and amazed at how a simple step inside the four corners of a mat can transform a life. How the practice of yoga can create a deeper understanding of who and where we are.
"It is these elements that fuel the passion of my own practice and drive me to the share that deep seeded love with others."

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"Yoga is the ever-evolving path home to self."
With a background in dance and performance, movement has always been at the heart of everything Tana does – a medium through which she connects and experiences the world around her.
Tana found yoga at a very turbulent time in her life, and the solace she found in the practice helped her feel rooted in the present moment.
"My desire to share the practice with others through teaching was birthed organically out of my own inner transformation – it is a privilege to share this practice every day."



Ish has been teaching yoga for 5 years around Cape Town with a clear focus on blending the anatomical with the metaphysical.


His classes are based in strength and control, with a high focus on arm balance stability, and mobility."While searching for a deeper understanding of my practice, I continue to evolve and learn, grow and develop my teaching. I look forward to sharing it with everyone."



Rox started her yoga journey about 7 years ago. She explains, “when I started I knew very little about yoga, and even less about the connection between body and mind.”

Rox practiced Bikram, vinyasa and Ashtanga,  each style transforming her mind,  body and spirit into a better version of herself. Rox continued down the yoga path and in each and every class she would learn a little more about herself, taking what she learned and applying it outside the studio.



The love of yoga was instilled in Bev from an early age as she grew up practicing yoga with her gran, who taught yoga well into her 80s. With Bev’s background as a pharmacist and her keen interest in health and the body, teaching yoga was an easy transition for her. Bev has been teaching yoga since December 2016, completing teacher training with Yo Yoga and Catherine Wilkinson.

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My practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, and more courageous, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully and to be gentle in all that I do.

From Vinyasa to Yin, Jess's teaching style is all about connecting and being holistic in one's practice. In her Vinyasa classes, Jess combines creative dance-like sequences that are dynamic and flowing. Her Yin classes are aimed at creating safe spaces to soften and explore one's inner world while working on deep connective tissues.



"Every day I am inspired by the dedication of students and the powerful group dynamic of practicing in a community, and I'm particularly passionate about the dynamic flow of power vinyasa and aim to teach
clearly structured, well-rounded classes with an emphasis on the harmonious movement
of body and breath.

My yoga practice is a reliable constant in a chaotic world, and my mat is my safe space to explore my body and my mind."



Penny's teaching style focuses on using yoga to build strength,  flexibility, and to balance her students both physically and emotionally - connecting mind and body with both mental and physical strength and calm. 

The best part of teaching yoga is helping students find proper alignment and moving deeper into postures, balancing the body by building strength and flexibility, having fun, and leaving the class with a sense of lightness in your soul. 



Richard-Dean is a movement practitioner and teacher. His unique classes blend techniques and principles from several arts including yoga, capoeira, grappling, eastern martial arts and dance.

 In 2007, he started his journey in fitness industry, and still works as a personal trainer and bodyworker. His passion lies in human movement, anatomy and evolutionary biology.He's deeply fascinated by the intersection between the emotional and mental state and how it relates to movement expression, and how movement can be used as a medium to explore living a philosophical life.

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Kat teaches an explorative and embodied style of yoga. Her classes playfully explore the wisdom of our bodies in a creative, non-linear practice.

Kat has completed various trainings around the world in Kundalini yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Tantra vinyasa, Authentic flow and as a breath-work facilitator. 

Her classes are an amalgamation of all these various influences. Forever a student, she is continually inspired by the natural world around her and exploring new meditation and movement modalities. 

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Néna has been teaching since 2017 and is a 500hr qualified yoga teacher, actress, and yoga student with a passion for helping people find more comfort, joy, and connection on their yoga mats and in life. Through the combination of her expertise as a yogi and performer, she is passionate about sharing her yoga journey with others in a playful and relatable manner. She blends different styles of yoga and inspiration from nature, dance, and art. Her classes are constantly evolving, but they are always centered around kindness, listening to the body, and navigating the breath.  

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Kat's classes explore the wisdom of our bodies through embodied anatomy, yoga asana, somatics, and nondual Tantrik philosophy. She believes they awaken you to the magic that lies within you. 
"It is a non-linear, playful discovery of your authentic expression of yoga and movement."

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